At The Business Backer, we think it’s important that you understand your financial options. Our resource center offers detailed information about loans and financing terms to help you explore your funding options.

Business Loans: Learn about the five steps to securing a small business loan, what might be requested by the lender and other funding alternatives.

Business Financing: Learn about business financing, 10 options for financing your business and alternative funding options.

Small Business Lending: See what things you might consider when pursuing small business lending, and learn about personalized alternatives for business funding.

First Time Business Loans: First time applying for a business loan? We have all the questions you should be asking yourself and the important aspects to keep in mind when applying.

Medical Practice Funding: If you’re planning on utilizing alternative lending sources for medical practice financing, there are a few things you should know.

Unsecured Business Loans: Learn about the basics of an unsecured small business loan.

Quick Business Loans: As emergencies arise and business ebbs and flows, fast business funding can be a must.

Private Business Loans: Private business loans are often sought when a potential borrower is unable to obtain funds from a bank, or prefers to work with a private lender.

Online Business Loans: Online business loans become increasingly prevalent as more people conduct financial transactions online. Explore your options with The Business Backer.

Restaurant Loans: Restaurant loans are one of the most common forms of business funding. See what options The Business Backer can provide for you.

Business Emergency Loans: Learn about why you might need emergency business funding, what your options might be and what The Business Backer offers.

Working Capital: Learn more about working capital and where you can get it, as well as how The Business Backer can help you keep your business moving forward.

Business Expansion Loans: Learn about business expansion loans and alternatives, as well as what The Business Backer can offer your company.

Bad Credit Business Loans: No matter what kind of credit you have, The Business Backer can help you understand the best funding option for your business.

How to Get a Business Loan: Before you get started on your business loan application, prepare yourself with this five simple steps.

Business Loans for Women: Being a female entrepreneur presents its own unique challenges when obtaining business funding. See how we can help you grow.

Business Loan Application: Learn about the typical business loan application process and use our checklist to ensure you have all the necessary information.

Alternative Business Loans: Learn about the different types of alternative business loans available to you and discover how we can help your business.

Easy Business Loans: The internet age has made applying for a business loan easier than ever before. We help you understand your funding options for fast and easy financing.

Minority Business Loans: Minority-owned businesses have a unique set of challenges and opportunities when it comes to obtaining funding.

Term Loans: Business term loans are generally flexible to a business’s needs and vary as such.

Business Lending: Business owners have more choices for small business lending than ever before. Explore your options and see how we can help.

Account Receivable Financing: Accounts receivable financing can be a solid source of funding for many businesses when you need quick funds.

Financing Double Dipping: Double dipping occurs when new interest is charged on new funds used to pay off old interest.

Factor Rates vs. APR: Learn more about the two most common ways of business financing costs.

Best Business Loans: Finding the best business funding means finding the best type of funding for your business.

Secure A Business Loan: The process of securing a business loans can be daunting. Learn more from this list of steps to secure a small business loan.

Business Funding: What you need the funding for will typically determine how much you need, and how much you need, will help inform the type of funding you may want to pursue.

Microloans: Learn about microlending for small businesses and see how The Business Backer can provide you with the funding needed to cover many regular business expenses.

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