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Small Business Lending

As a small business owner, you’ve probably had a need for funding. Whether you need funds for equipment, inventory, payroll, working capital or other business expenses, something always seems to pop up. Since online funding is so common today, many alternative options exist for small business lending that can help meet your specific needs.

Business Lending Options

SBA Loan

An SBA loan is not issued by the Small Business Administration, but it is guaranteed by them. So, business lenders don’t stand to lose as much money. However, SBA loans often require well-established credit history in order to qualify.

Term Loan

Term loans are flexible to a business’s needs and vary as such. Short-term loans are useful for immediate needs like emergencies and short-term projects. On the other hand, long-term loans can help business owners cover larger expenses, allowing them to repay over more time.

Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant cash advances allow small businesses to sell a portion of their future credit card sales in exchange for funding. They’re typically used by businesses with a less-established credit history that need working capital during a slow period.

Business Line of Credit

Business lines of credit offer ongoing access to funds up to an approved credit limit. Business owners only pay interest on the funds they draw. As they repay, funds become available again without having to reapply, which is convenient for businesses with seasonal ebbs and flows.

What Does The Business Backer Offer?

The Business Backer has been providing small business lending options across the country since 2007.

Fixed amount up to $200,000

Revolving credit line up to $100,000 offered through our partner Headway Capital

Purchase of future receivables agreement up to $200,000

From Application to Funding in 3 Easy Steps

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    Your Funding Advisor will help determine the best financing option after you submit 3 months of business bank statements.

  3. Receive your funds.

    Sign your contract and receive funds as soon as next business day, if approved.

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The Business Backer is not accepting new applications.

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