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This calculator assumes approximately a 12-month estimated delivery frequency period, a factor rate of 1.2§ and a purchase fee of 3%. Factor rate may vary based on your application information.

Purchase of Receivables

Access future revenue today.

Use Your Future Sales to Get Working Capital Today

The Business Backer's purchase of receivables makes it simple to access future revenue. If approved, you'll get a lump sum of capital — known as the disbursement amount — in exchange for a fixed percentage of your business's future receivables (revenue). Unlike a standard merchant cash advance which only accepts credit card transactions, your payment deliveries can come from cash, checks and credit card sales.

Apply today for a purchase of receivables, get a decision and, if approved, get your funds as soon as next business day. We'll work hand in hand with you to determine a delivery frequency that's right for your business.


Maximum Funding Amount

Delivery amounts based on expected revenue
Daily or Weekly

Delivery Frequency

Factor rates starting at 1.2§, 1% – 3% purchase fee, for 12-month period

For highly qualified applicants

Minimum Qualifications

1 Year

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Understanding a Purchase of Receivables

A purchase of receivables agreement (PORA) is not a loan. It's a financing agreement where we purchase a percentage of your future revenue. In exchange, you receive a lump sum of funds. Think of it as a cash advance on your business's future revenue. You can even request a change in payment deliveries if your revenue fluctuates.

Funding Amount

The funding amount you're approved for, prior to deducting the purchase fee. Also known as "purchase price."

Future Receivables Purchased

The total amount of future revenue we purchase from you. Also known as "purchase amount."

Purchase Fee

A one-time fee of 0% – 3% deducted from your funding amount.

Disbursement Amount

The funding amount minus the purchase fee, and is the lump sum of capital you will receive.

Predicted Delivery Time

The amount of time we estimate you'll deliver payments to us until you meet the total cost of capital.

How a Purchase of Receivables Agreement Works

To calculate a purchase of receivables, you'll need to start with a factor rate. A factor rate is a simple multiplier that determines the initial cost of a purchase of receivables agreement. The actual factor rate you qualify for depends on the information in your application like annual revenue, how long you've been in business and your business's financial history.

For example, if you're approved for $10,000 in funding and have a factor rate of 1.2§, you multiply those two numbers together. That determines your future receivables purchased, which would be $12,000.


Funding Amount


Factor Rate§


Future Receivables

To figure out the total amount of capital you'll receive (the disbursement amount), take your approved funding amount and subtract the purchase fee. For this example we've used a 3% purchase fee.


Funding Amount


3% Purchase Fee


Disbursement Amount

With your future receivables purchased and disbursement amounts calculated, you can then determine the total cost of your purchase of receivables agreement.


Future Receivables Purchased


Disbursement Amount


Cost of Funding

The Business Backer's Purchase of Receivables Benefits

You Can Adjust Deliveries If Revenue Changes

We'll work with you to adjust your payment deliveries if your revenue suddenly changes.

You Can Apply for Additional Funds

You only need to submit the three most recent months of business bank statements to apply for more funds.

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The Business Backer is not accepting new applications.

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