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Factor Rates vs. APR

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Understanding APRs and Factor Rates

Like any type of business financing, the money you borrow comes with a cost to finance. Many people are familiar with the term annual percentage rate (APR), a figure commonly associated with credit cards and other consumer funding options. But certain types of business funding (such as a merchant cash advance or purchase of receivables), represent the cost of funding in the form of a factor rate.

What Are Factor Rates?

Factor rates are expressed as a decimal figure rather than a percentage and typically range from 1.1 to 1.5. In order to determine the total amount you'll need to pay back in the end, you can multiply your factor rate by the total amount that you were funded. This is different from an APR, which is always annualized. So, if you have a factor rate of 1.3 on a funded amount of $12,000, you would owe back a total amount of $15,600 on a 12-month term.

What Goes Into Determining a Factor Rate?

Factor rates are specific to business funding, and are typically based on the following:


Time in Business

Term Length

Credit Score (Business and Personal)

What Is APR?

It's important to distinguish APR from interest rates. Interest rates only describe the percentage of interest you will be charged for borrowing and does not include any other fees you may be required to pay (such as origination fees and other finance charges). APR, on the other hand, gives a more complete picture of how much you'll pay for the loan. It’s the total cost of borrowing expressed in terms of a percentage — it includes the interest rate plus additional fees.

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