Professional Financing

Working professionals can need financing just as much as big companies, whether it’s for a team of one or many. See what kind of funding options are available to you when you need access to working capital.


Up to $200,000


4 – 18 Months


Up to $200,000

Payment Options:

Daily, Weekly or Semi-Monthly Payments


$5,000 – $100,000


1 – 2 Years

Actual offers vary based on your application information and lender.

How Professional Financing Loans Can Help You

The majority of working professionals are deeply invested in the livelihood of their businesses, and, as with any industry, they must weather periods of financial ups and downs. Keeping finances steady during slow periods can be all the more worrisome when you’re the sole proprietor of your business. That’s why business loans for professionals can be a viable option for tackling financing issues including:

Waiting for Invoices to Be Paid

A loan can help you navigate the lag time between sending an invoice and receiving the actual payment, allowing you to start new projects without delay.

Purchasing Professional Tools

A new computer. Design software. Whatever tools you need to work in your designated field, financing can help with those major purchases.

Hiring Extra Staff

If the time comes when you need to bring on additional help, having access to working capital can help cover that expense.

Who Can Use Professional Financing?

Working professionals everywhere can benefit from having access to working capital, especially those who are both the owner and the only employee of their enterprise. Professional financing can be particularly helpful for the following professions:




Web Developers

Software Engineers

Graphic Designers

How The Business Backer Can Help

The Business Backer is a dedicated small business financing company providing tailored funding solutions to small businesses across the country. We’ve partnered with more than 6,000 companies during our 10 years in business, funding more than $450 million in the process. Our Funding Advisors help you discover the offers you may qualify for and determining which product is the right match for your needs. It's simple and straightforward, without any sales pressure.