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$20,000 – $350,000


1 – 4 Years


Up to $200,000

Payment Options:

Daily, Weekly or Semi-Monthly Payments


$5,000 – $150,000


1 – 3 Years


85% – 95% of Invoice Value

Actual offers vary based on your application information and lender.

Bad Credit Business Loans

If you have a low credit score or little credit history, obtaining business financing can be a challenge. It might even feel like applying for bank loans or SBA loans is a waste of time. Conversely, there are business lenders that advertise “business funding with bad credit,” but their rates and terms are less than desirable. The ideal situation is probably a middle ground — with a lender that understands your needs and sees the big picture of your business.

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Does The Business Backer Offer Business Funding for Bad Credit?

"Bad credit" is a subjective way of describing credit. Other terms people may use include “sub-prime” or “near-prime.” These are all essentially referring to the same thing. But ultimately, it isn’t so much about getting business funding with bad credit as it is about getting business funding that is just right for you and your business.

At The Business Backer, we look at a wide range of factors and get a holistic view of your business before we determine your funding options. That way, no matter how you or others may describe your credit, you’re getting a loan that fits your business needs.

What Does The Business Backer Provide?

The Business Backer is a leading national funding company with experience connecting small businesses like yours to solutions that can help manage cash flow. Whether you need funding for a one-time project or ongoing capital requirements, we will help match you with the right product — either directly with us or through our True Relationship Network™ of partners — to address your business’ short-term and long-term goals.

We offer a fast and simple application process, and you may receive funds in as little as 48 hours. Apply now or speak to a Funding Advisor today!