Should You Work for Yourself?

You may worry that working at a big company is holding you back, but the benefits can be seductive. Stepping out into the world of freelancing, or setting up your own business can be a treacherous path to take. Fraught with financial insecurities, it’s also a steep learning curve that even the most promising or most established company player may struggle to negotiate. The fact is, regardless your level of talent or experience, some people just aren’t cut out to go it alone.

Whatever your instincts, you’ll know it is not a decision to take lightly. ‘Stability’ might not feel as cool as ‘independence’ but it’s still important. This sense of security could be the first thing to go out the door after quitting your steady job; a few months of living freelance gig to freelance gig with no indication of consistency will shake up the best of us. If you find yourself lost without an imposed structure, you’re not known for your initiative, or you want to focus on your particular skill without needing to learn supplementary ones, chances are you will find working for yourself to be frustrating at best — and at worst, chaotic.

It may be that after all this, you’re still torn. Indeed, you’ll never truly know whether you’re capable of working for yourself — or, just as importantly, if you’ll enjoy it – until you try. Rather than throwing it all in and going full-on freelance, it might be worth doing something on the side while you continue your day job, and then gradually transitioning if it works out. Either way, be careful not to burn any bridges as you quit your old life.

To help you make the decision of whether to make that leap, to creep out gradually, or to hold tight to your existing job, try working your way through this helpful flowchart. And don’t overlook the tips beneath — if you decide to work for yourself, you can avoid the mistakes of those who’ve gone before you by listening hard and doing it right.

Should You Work For Yourself? Infographic


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