Word Maps of 12 Personality Types

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Understanding different personalities is becoming increasingly important in the world of business, as we come to appreciate what blend makes a good team. It’s also useful for each of us to have a better understanding of our own personality type and what that means for us. It helps us learn more about how we can develop in our careers and as people.

The DiSC profiles date back 90 years to the work of psychologist William Moulton Marston – also known for creating Wonder Woman – who theorized that there are four dominant emotion types that form who we are: dominance (D), influence (i), steadiness (S), and conscientiousness (C).

DiSC Personality System Infographic

There are 12 main personality types that come out of DiSC model. Which one best describes you?


1.The Challenger (DC)

You have high expectations of both yourself and others, which can make you unpopular at times, but your competitive edge means that you will get results. Sometimes your honesty and drive can make you seem blunt, but you ask the questions that need answering to drive things forwards. You’re creative and passionate, and your ability to find new solutions for challenges helps make you a strong and inspiring leader.

The Challenger Personality Type


2. The Winner (D)

The D in DiSC stands for dominance, so it’s no surprise that your personality focuses on that style. You’re direct and decisive, which gives you the confidence you need to solve big problems, take the risks that make a difference and handle whatever life throws at you. It’s all about the big picture for you, and sometimes this means you miss the smaller details or come across as difficult to deal with. One thing no one can dispute? You get results.

The Winner Personality


3. The Seeker (iD)

You know what you want out of life and you have the determination and commitment to achieve it. Living life at a fast pace, you can be easily bored by routine and the daily grind. When you see an opportunity, you’re usually the first one to pounce. You’re also highly influential and make for a strong leader, thanks to your drive, charm and desire to push the boundaries to find success.

The Seeker Personality


4. The Risk Taker (iD)

Nothing ventured, nothing gained – that’s how you live your life. You’re always ready to take a gamble that could mean triumph or disaster, because you believe in yourself and want friends and colleagues to do the same. Of course, this means that things can go wrong from time to time, and you may feel stifled and frustrated when you aren’t allowed to set the pace or make the big calls.

The Risk Taker Personality


5. The Enthusiast (i)

A social butterfly with much to say and the desire to be heard by as many people as possible, you’re never happier than when in a crowd with a chance to network. Creative and expressive, you’re one for the team project and thrive off the approval of your peers. But your enthusiasm to share your ideas sometimes overpowers your eagerness to please by making you seem like a poor listener. Luckily, you’re a natural when it comes to winning people over.

The Enthusiast Personality


6. The Buddy (iS)

If you had it your way, everyone would just get along. Your favourite environment is one of peace and harmony, whether at home or at work, and you’re always keen to make sure everybody is happy. You can be generous – sometimes to a fault – and some people might be tempted to treat you like a pushover. Even still, you’d rather let others believe that than be in conflict with you. You’re always approachable, confident and well-liked, making you a great team player.

The Buddy Personality


7. The Collaborator (Si)

 Team-building is your main skill – you know how to get all the cogs in the people machine well-oiled and working together. Your social skills and naturally warm personality make you a popular leader capable of bringing people together and keeping them positive and engaged. You’re certainly not the type to throw someone under the bus to cover your own back. This earns you plenty of respect and influence, and helps you and your team achieve goals without major drama.

The Collaborator Personality


8. The Peacekeeper (S)

When the going gets tough, everybody needs someone like you around to steady the ship and calm things down. You’re capable of defusing any situation with your easy-going, friendly demeanour and diplomatic skills, which makes you a valuable asset and a good friend to have. You’re a great listener and a dependable employee, though your hesitant and reserved nature may appear overly cautious and hold you back in your career.

The Peacekeeper Personality


9. The Technician (SC)

Every personality type has a particular environment it thrives in, and none more so than this one. You’re reliable, thorough and highly capable, but you require calm and steady surroundings to be at your best. You won’t cause trouble for anyone, though your cool demeanour can make you appear aloof and withdrawn. Be careful that your desire for a peaceful life doesn’t lead you to be overly compliant.

The Technician Infographic


10. The Bedrock (CS)

Steady and modest, you prefer to stay out of the spotlight and let others bask in the glory. Your speciality is being prepared and ready to face whatever challenges the day brings. You prefer to have a few close relationships rather than a wide social circle, and your priorities tend to revolve around avoiding conflict and having a good understanding of what will happen next. Your strengths are in systematic and precise work, and you’ve got the patience necessary to do it well.

The Bedrock Personality


11. The Analyst (C) 

Getting things right is what drives your working life, and you enjoy nothing more than digging deep into the data to get the job done in the most accurate and precise way. This can often come at the expense of your social life, as your solitary and introverted nature can make it difficult for others to get to know you. Of course, it’s that focus that makes you so good at what you do. You won’t be swayed by emotion or pressure, making you an asset to any organisation.

The Analyst Personality


12. The Perfectionist (CD) 

You’re not one to settle for second best in your work or personal life, so you’re always looking for ways to improve the situation – or the processes and practices that created it. You’re driven by a methodical and analytical mindset, which makes you ideal for stubbornly rooting out problems and finding solutions.  But sometimes you struggle with communicating the necessary changes in a diplomatic or empathic way.

The Perfectionist Personality

Now that you’ve seen each of the DiSC personality types, which one feels closest to home? Have you learned anything new about yourself or your friends, family or colleagues?

There’s plenty more out there to read on this subject, and the more you know and understand about what drives you and others, the better equipped you’ll be to achieve success – whatever that may look like.




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