Free Small Business Budget Template

small business budgeting template

One of the biggest challenges in starting a small business is collecting the funds you need to get started. What’s an even bigger challenge? Managing it all once you have it!

There are many expenses as a small business owner: rent, insurance, operational material, employee earnings, travel, marketing and much more. Large expenditures are easy to identify for your expected budget, but they tend to make other minute expenses appear to be less severe and not worth accounting for. In reality, it’s all those smaller costs that add up quickly and can drastically affect your available funds.

That’s why smart and effective business owners keep their earning/funding and their spending accounted for through tools like a small business budget template. Budget templates help you keep all the funds going in and out of your business organized and help highlight potential areas of improvement. Additionally, small business budget templates are an easy and effective way to be proactive about your small business funds so you can be better prepared in case of a budgeting emergency.

Looking to organize your business funds but don’t want to add “budgeting” as a line item? We’ve got you covered! Use our free budgeting calculator below.

If you’d rather work by hand, click here for free worksheet of our small business budget template.


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Monthly Budget

Net revenue $

Personnel Expenses

Wages $
Benefits $
Commission $
Total personnel $

Operating Expenses

Inventory $
Sales expenses $
Shipping and storage $
Rent or mortgage $
Marketing and advertising $
Utilities $
Maintenance and repairs $
Debts $
Cash discounts $
Depreciation $
Interest $
Taxes $
Delivery costs $
Postage $
Insurance $
Legal and auditing $
Dues and subscriptions $
Office supplies $
Telephone and internet $
Company website $
Other $
Total operating $
Net revenue $
Total expenses $
Balance $
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