How To Choose a Business Partner

Choosing someone to be a business partner can seem like a daunting task. Do you go for that friend you’ve known since high school or a family member? How about that ex-colleague, or maybe even a complete stranger? With so much to consider it’s clear to see why 80% of business partnerships fail. With the right actions before, that needn’t be you.

So often, people think the best partner will be someone who thinks, acts, and talks just like you. You might find interesting however, that a good business partner is someone with skills that support and complement your own. The more skills you both bring, the better your business will be.

Perhaps you like to work on facts, you’re great at detail and have excellent communication skills. What you would be looking for is a ‘Global Viewer’. Someone who can step back, and look at the bigger picture and think, ‘where are we going with this?’

Or maybe you have ideas pouring out of your head that you can’t wait to get started on. Before you delve in though, a partner who identifies as a ‘Structured Planner’ will help put your ideas into something more concrete so your visions can come to life.

Whatever your strong points are, our infographic will identify your key strengths and the type of business partner that will complement your skills perfectly.

Give it a go and see what type of business partner you need.




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