5 Ways Small Businesses Benefit From Responsible Waste Management

Responsible waste management isn’t just the right thing to do from an ethics perspective, it can save your company money too! Check out these five ways waste management can benefit your business.


1. Efficiency 

Recycling just makes sense from an operations perspective. The more paper, cardboard, glass and aluminum that can be recycled is less waste that your company will have to pay to have removed. This can save your company money as waste removal companies will often charge less to remove recyclables than they do trash.


2. Preservation of Local Resources 

This benefit ties into the ethical responsibility we all share to dispose of waste responsibly. Filling the area landfills can cause air and water pollution, and a landfill that needs more land. This in turn can lead to unhappy residents of the community, and have a gradual effect on property values.


3. Brand Reputation 

Everybody likes a business that does the right thing. Maintaining a positive image amongst your customers and the public is critical for any business. Earning a reputation as a business that is eco-friendly and a responsible tenant of the earth can greatly help your company’s image. Many customers and other companies look for these traits in a business. It’s important that your company has them!


4. Employee Satisfaction

Just like everybody likes a business that does the right thing, everybody likes working for businesses that do the right thing. Being environmentally conscious is the norm these days, and many potential employees may be turned off if your business doesn’t share their values. It may seem rather insignificant to some, but having basic environmentally friendly practices and policies in the workplace can boost morale and make your business a more desirable place to work.


5. Savings on Equipment Purchases and Grant Opportunities

Finally, not only can responsible waste management save you money you otherwise might be spending, it can save you money on equipment purchases. Some retailers will take your old computers, smartphones and other devices and recycle them in exchange for a discount when you buy new ones. There are also non-profits and government agencies that provide incentives like grants for businesses that can prove the impact of their programs.1



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