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Hello! My name is Walter Stefanides and I am a Senior Funding Advisor at The Business Backer. I grew up in and around the Youngstown, Ohio area. I moved to Cincinnati for college in 2013, and I haven’t looked back since. While in college, I studied Information Systems. My first financial career was servicing bank technology for BBVA Compass.

I have been a part of The Business Backer since 2018. I can say, with certainty, that The Business Backer cares for their employees, their customers and their partners. The Business Backer’s emphasis on ethics and transparency was very impressive from the beginning. I have witnessed this firsthand while working here. In the beginning of my career with The Business Backer I familiarized myself with the industry and the challenges that small businesses face. Now, as a Senior Funding Advisor, I am able to help customers with critical business and financial decisions.

As a hobby, I produce music and also sing in a band out of Cincinnati! Outside of music, my hobbies include Netflix, football and camping. You can also catch me singing Disney songs loudly with my windows down on occasion!

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