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At Enova Small Business, our mission is to be the fastest and easiest lender in the alternative lending space. That’s why when you partner with The Business Backer or Headway Capital, you’re actually partnering with Enova International. Enova International (NYSE:ENVA) is a leading financial services provider with a wealth of advanced analytics and underwriting models. Together, we can provide small business owners with the financing they need.

What We Look for in You

1+ Year

Minimum time in business


New business funding per month

Functional Website

Operational requirement


Business location


Business conduct


Fiscal conduct

Enova Small Business Brands

Business Line of Credit

$5k – $100k

Credit limit

12, 18 and 24 Months

Terms available

Monthly or Weekly

Payment frequency

Term Loan and Purchase of Receivables

$5k – $200k

Credit limit

4 – 18 Months

Available loan terms/Estimated delivery time

Daily, Weekly, or Semi-Monthly

Payment/Delivery frequency

0% – 3% +

Origination/Purchase fee

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