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Make your plans a reality with funding as soon as tomorrow.

Complete the form below and your Funding Advisor will get back in touch about your offer.

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You're just three short steps away from money in the bank.

Contact your Funding Advisor.
Send in your required documentation.
Get your funds as soon as the next business day, pending final approval.
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Don't forget about what sets our FlexFund apart from other small business financing.


Fixed. Will not go up.

Loss Protection
Can reduce payments if revenue drops.

Funding Renewal
Only need bank statements to apply for new funds. Terms and conditions apply.

Traditional Lenders

May be variable or fixed.

Loss Protection
Payment amounts are fixed.

Funding Renewal
Need full application to reapply.

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See how real small businesses have used funds from The Business Backer to achieve their goals:

Trucking Company


Use: Short-term cash flow



Use: Purchase inventory for upcoming contracts



Use: Build a patio

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