Cincinnati, Ohio – February 12, 2014 – The Business Backer, a leading provider of small business financing solutions, has continued its quest to provide a superior customer experience by publishing an innovative credit scoring algorithm. The new algorithm supports The Business Backer’s mission to help small business owners find the best financing option, from the best provider, at the best price.

Jim Salters, CEO, and Ryan Willging, Business Analyst, of The Business Backer, along with Albert Fensterstock, were published by the Credit Research Foundation in their journal The Credit and Financial Management Review, Volume 19, Number 4. The article, “On the Use of Ensemble Models for Credit Evaluation,” explains this new credit scoring algorithm which analyzes meaningful data about the business to better assess the true health and potential of a small or medium sized business. By better identifying and avoiding risks, The Business Backer will be able to pass along more savings to its customers.

“We are passionate about providing low-cost working capital to America’s small businesses, and this new model enables us to do so by analyzing deeper, more relevant information about small business and their potential,” said Salters. “By being able to quickly assess creditworthiness of customers, and in turn reduce default risks, we can provide the best rate possible in order to better serve our customers.”

This innovative predictive algorithm allows The Business Backer to expand access to lower cost capital for small businesses. Additionally, this credit scoring algorithm allows the underwriting process to change along with the business climate, enabling The Business Backer to quickly adjust its lending parameters, especially during times of economic fluctuations.

The Business Backer, headquartered in Blue Ash, Ohio, provides customized funding solutions and advice for small and medium-sized businesses. The Business Backer’s revolutionary approach to underwriting, combined with a team of expert advisors, has allowed the company to secure more $150 million in funding for thousands of small businesses across the United States. The Business Backer also supports small business owners by connecting customers with partners that will help their businesses thrive now and in the future, including coaches and consultants, payment processors, and other business resources. The Business Backer has received numerous local and national awards for growth, ethics and leadership. Learn more at

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