Introducing The Business Backer Payment Processing


There is no reason why you should be paying nearly twice what it actually costs to process a credit card payment. And now you don’t have to. The Business Backer has partnered with Infintech to bring our customers much lower rates for payment processing. With lower fees across the board, you get the savings that maximize your profits.

Why should you consider The Business Backer Payment Processing for your business?

  • Your profits should increase. Your payment processing rate shouldn’t.

Yes, it costs money to process credit card transactions, but it’s unethical for processors to increase rates at will. Low, fair fees are what you deserve, and The Business Backer will help you get and keep those low rates.

  • What you see is what you get. No fine print.

Surprises are fun – just not when they are unexpected additional fees and costs. With The Business Backer Payment Processing, you have no hidden fees and no unexpected increases. We set a fixed fee for your payment processing and it does not change.

  •  The High Cost of Getting Paid.

Customer convenience comes at a cost. Every time your customers see the “APPROVED” message, you’re charged a fee. And if you’re not a large customer that is able to demand lower fees, you are likely paying more than you should. The Business Backer keeps payment processing prices fair and low, so you can put the savings back into your business.

  • Relationships are stronger than contracts.

That’s why The Business Backer doesn’t ask you to sign long-term contracts for payment processing. With significantly lower fees, personalized service and fair business practices, you will want to continue using our services.

To find out how much you can save by switching to payment processing through The Business Backer’s partner, Infintech, fill out the form below, email us at, or call 513.338.8481.

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