About The Business Backer

Small Business Owners Deserve Better

Let’s face it. The traditional business financing model that once allowed entrepreneurship to flourish in this country is no longer. Banks have tightened their reigns, and it’s now more difficult than ever to get a loan, especially for small businesses.  Alternative lending companies provide another option for small business owners, but their rates, fees and commissions make this option extremely expensive.

The Business Backer was created in 2007 as a solution to these bank rejections and pricey alternative lenders. As successful entrepreneurs themselves, founders Mark Deeters and Scott Avera saw a gap in small business funding and knew there was a less expensive, more transparent way of securing working capital for business owners. Building long term relationships with businesses and taking the time to learn their stories rather than focusing on credit scores, zip codes and complex mathematical models would provide a bigger approval window for businesses considered “risky” by most finance companies. This idea of True Relationship Financing has allowed The Business Backer to provide more than $150 million in funding to thousands of small business owners and has saved our customers more than $15 million in comparison to their previous funding sources.

The Business Backer Delivers:

  • The Highest Approval Rates

    – imperfect credit is OK!

  • Innovative Solutions

    – The only alternative Revolving Line on the market

  • Fast and Easy Funding

    – up to $200,000 in as little as 2 days

  • Black and White Pricing

    – no hidden fees, EVER

  • Dedicated Financial Experts

    – trusted advice and personalized solutions